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September Edition - Order Now

Do you want to manifest your dream life?

Do you want to find new ways to make The Law of Attraction work for you?

Are you ready to change things up and uplevel to your best life?

If you aren't familiar with The Law of Attraction, this online course is a great place to start.

What is The Manifesting Box?
Here, we believe in The Law of Attraction and its mystical powers when used correctly.
Mindset, intention, and belief is everything when trying to use The Law of Attraction to manifest your desires.
It is usual for even the greatest spiritual teachers to become out of alignment with the universe. This is why we designed the box to keep you on track with your goals. Our intention is for it to remind you of your own manifesting power with every single delivery.

Each box will have a separate manifestation technique explained and you will receive the materials needed to try the technique.

What is in the box?
We like to shake things up around here, so each month is a surprise! A guideline of contents each month is below.

- Affirmation card 
- Stationary
- Accessories (relating to the theme of the month) 
- Crystal 
- Full moon bath (specific to that month)
- Information on how to use the box 
- Stickers
- Gift (relating to anything law of attraction, manifesting, and positivity)

How much is it?
£33 per month.

How much is postage to customers in the UK?
Free! It's on us.

Do you deliver worldwide?
Yes. Please contact us prior to purchasing to confirm international shipping.

When will my payment come out of my bank each month?
The day you sign up will be your monthly payment date.

Are you on Instagram?
Yes! @themanifestingbox
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