Are you ready to transform your life?

Are you ready to transform your dreams into goals and your goals into reality?

Are you ready to transform your self into someone who is driven

with the eagerness and momentum to achieve her set goals?


Are you someone who have watched/read “The Secret”, understood its concept,

but unsure how to apply it directly in your own life? 


Could you imagine yourself living in an intentional reality that you have created?

If you’ve said YES to the questions above, I have something very special for you.

We give you The 90 Day Transformation with Emily!


I have been teaching The 90 Day Transformation system with my one to one clients in 2020 and now I’m ready to bring this to a group setting. 


To trial out the program within a group setting, I am running the first group of the

90 day transformation at a reduced fee. 


What is The 90 Day Transformation?

The 90 Day Transformation is a private coaching group that focuses on goal setting, law of attraction and manifestation techniques. The 90 day transformation takes you through a proven process that I and my one to one clients have been using to manifest more with ease. 


Who is this for?

This is for anyone who is wanting to create big goals and achieve them in 90 days.

This is for you if:

- you want to learn more about your skills, abilities and capabilities

- you want to be motivated to reach for your goals

- you want to achieve what you really want in life - your goals, dreams and ambitions

- you want to manage your time well and become more productive

- you want to integrate self-care in your life and manage stress

- you want to be the best version of yourself

What is included? 

➡️13 week (90 day program) 

➡️13 live videos with me, teaching new strategies and techniques 

➡️Pre homework to reflect on what you want and why 

➡️Daily/weekly/monthly tasks and reflection to keep you on track of your goals 

➡️One2one email weekly with me to answer any of your questions


Why 90 days? 

If you dedicate yourself and commit to achieving your goals within a 90 day period, it is enough time to make it happen. It’s also not too long, like a year or 6 months where you can’t see the end in sight. It is possible to achieve what the average person achieves in a whole year by dedicating your energy and time for a full 90 days. 


When will this be?

We are starting on the 1st March 2021 and will finish on 30th May 2021.


What am I going to get out of this?

A lot! It’s common that you can have amazing ideas and dreams, what people struggle with is the planning and execution. This coaching program will help you build a clearer picture of what you want, how to plan for it and how to make it happen. Get those ideas out of the notebook and start making it your intentional reality. 

Who will be our coach?

I am Emily, the Director of EVO Academy. I will teach you how I was able to start EVO Academy and transformed my dreams into reality. 

How much is it? 

This coaching is valued at £500 but it will be offered at reduced fee of £50 per month for 3 months. Or you can pay upfront, £150. We are also able to offer finance on the upfront payment via Payl8r. Please contact us if you’d like to explore this option. 



Sign up below.

Registration will close on 28th February at midnight. You will not be able to enroll after this time. Pay your first payment now, the second and third payment will be requested on the 1st April and the 1st May.

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