Thai Herbal Compress Massage Online Course

Course Description: Thai Herbal (Luk Pra Ko) Massage works on the whole body, enabling the body’s energy to flow through ‘channels’, these channels are called SEN. This energy stimulates the physical, mental and emotional processes of the body. When these channels are flowing freely then the body is working normally, and the energy is free to flow through the SEN channels. Thai massage concentrates on helping these SEN channels release blocked energy through specific techniques enabling these to stimulate the energy flow.

Prerequisite: None

Assessment Method: Written or practical


Important INFO:

*This course is FULLY ACCREDITED with BAAS, so is INSURABLE.

*You can start this course as soon as you purchase it. It will be immediately available for download.

* There is NO TIME LIMIT with any of our courses.

*You can add to your basket, checkout, buy and download more than one course at a time.

*You will receive your diploma/certificate via email (free of charge) soon after you have completed the course and passed the assessment.

*You can retake the assessment if needed (also free of charge).

Thai Herbal Compress Massage Online Course



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