Reflexology Online Diploma


During this intensive course you will learn how to perform a professional Reflexology treatment within a commercially acceptable time.  Specifically, you will learn how to prepare the treatment area, prepare the client for treatment, carry out a client consultation, carry out a reflexology treatment , and provide aftercare advice.

You will also study

(1) Health, safety and hygiene for complementary therapies

(2) Principles and practice for complementary therapies

(3) Knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology benefits of reflexology

(4) Reflect on your practice as a complementary therapist

(5) Business practice for complementary therapies.


Prerequisites: Anatomy and Physiology Level 2

Assessment Method:  Practical - Video Session recorded



Reflexology has many health benefits*

  • Relaxation
  • Improvement of Your Nerve Functions
  • Improvement In Your Brain Power
  • Increased Blood Circulation In Your Body
  • Eliminating Your Body's Toxins
  • Boosting Your Metabolism & Energy Level
  • Reducing Your Headaches


Important INFO:

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*You can retake the assessment if needed (also free of charge).


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Reflexology Online Diploma

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