Moldavian Stone (Moldavite) Online Diploma

Moldavite is useful as a diagnostic tool, illuminating the cause and source of an imbalance or disease, and then supporting the release and healing process. Its high vibratory energy helps to restore blocked areas, encouraging cells to return to their original state of perfection.


A rejuvenating stone, moldavite stimulates self-fulfillment and slows the aging process. Helps retain memory and protects against mental degeneration. It can help balance disturbances in the brain's electrical impulses and is supportive of difficult-to-treat progressive diseases. On the physical level, moldavite has a direct effect on curing hair loss, promotes cell growth, and aids fertility. In addition, it is ideal to help those who want to quit smoking, as it is beneficial for those who suffer from asthma.


It is ideal for those who need quick results, as its reputation for acting very quickly is almost unanimous among experts.


It is an excellent stimulant for the treatment of gout, and like many green stones, it is good for the eyes. It can be beneficial in treating asthma and other respiratory tract illnesses, allergies, or rashes caused by modern chemicals or pollution, and in helping the body overcome influenza and anemia.



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Moldavian Stone (Moldavite) Online Diploma

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