Mindfulness Online Diploma

Mindfulness is the awareness that manifests when one intentionally and non-judgmentally pays attention to the experience of the present moment. Mindfulness is trained through formal meditation and informal practices. Mindfulness is a philosophy of life that involves the practice of meditation along with various relaxation techniques.  Mindfulness meditation trains our capacity for attention and discernment of what is present in the moment (our thoughts, our emotions, our physical sensations, but also the environment and relationships) by integrating a dimension of ethics and benevolence.


It is a practice accessible to all that is learned through formal meditations (meditation) or informal practices (presence in daily activities). It is learning, through Mindfulness-based programs that unfold over several weeks such as MBSR or MBCT, that allows it to be fully integrated into one's daily life, as a new way of living while being fully present.


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Mindfulness Online Diploma

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