Manifesting with the Moon Online Diploma

Many people confirm that they denote an abundance of acquired goodness, increased energy, receptivity, and strength, but this fullness can also manifest itself in overflowing with emotions, erratic behavior, and overheated conversations.


As the Yoga teacher Rosslyn says " The energy of the full moon days corresponds to the end of the inhalation when the strength of the prana is greatest. Take a deep breath, hold, and feel the prana (energy) in your body. This is an expansive and upward force that makes us feel energetic and emotional, but not well grounded. During the full moon, we tend to be more stubborn. "


And, practicing Yoga under a full moon can be a most energetic and relaxing experience. Perhaps it is the perfect way to enter the world of yoga and deepen your being.



Manifesting with the Moon Online Diploma

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