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Cupping glasses are commonly used along with acupuncture therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cupping therapy is a form of local suction massage used on the skin to increase blood flow and promote healing. Suction is created in the Cupping Glasses by using heat or mechanical devices forming an air tight seal. This action pulls in the soft tissue and draws blood into the area and thus is s supposed to release tension of soft tissue (for example resulting from deep scars) and muscles.


Prerequisites: Anatomy and Physiology Level 2

Assessment Method: Written Assessment


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Glass Cupping Kit £50.00

Professional grade glass suction cup, made with food-grade glass, strong and thick, making them extremely durable and reliable, easy to disinfect and clean.


This cupping set contains;

12 pieces of 5 different sizes, A x 2 pieces (inner opening 6 centimetres) , B x 2 pieces (inner opening 5 centimetres) and C x 4 pieces (inner opening 4 centimetres, outer openning 5.8),D x 2 pieces (inner opening 3.8 centimetres, outer 4.8 centimetres), E x 2 pieces (inner opening 3.5 centimetres, outer opening 4.5 centimetres)


  • Smooth rim opening, finger-imprint wall for better gripping when apply and remove the cupping cup, Ideal for wet and dry cupping treatments
  • Warm the air inside a glass jar and apply the cup on the skin to create vacuum and stimulation, improve circulation of blood and lymph and ultimately provide healing and relieving effect to medical conditions



A 2012 review of studiesTrusted Source suggests cupping therapy’s healing power may be more than just a placebo effect. The researchers found that cupping therapy may help with the following conditions, among others:

  • shingles
  • facial paralysis
  • cough and dyspnea
  • acne
  • lumbar disc herniation
  • cervical spondylosis


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Glass Cupping Diploma Online Course

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