What is Crystal Healing and How Does It Work?

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Crystal Healing

The majority of crystals are formed from super-heated mineral rich gas, and water released as the rock solidifies. These rise higher through crevices and cracks in rocks, crystallising whenever the condition of temperature and pressure are right.

Crystals transmit and receive energies. They transmute and transform, attract certain things and repel unwanted energies. The most powerful may appear dull – until the beneficial effects are felt. They resonate at different frequencies, and the crystalline structure of crystals means that they can absorb, focus, and then transmit subtle electromagnetic energy, a quality used in crystal healing. Silicon is an important component of both crystals and our bodies, and energy is transferred between the two. Science has shown that if a crystal is placed in an energy field, it collects that energy and contains it. It might change or transmute the energy in the process.

Using Crystals in healing is an extremely powerful and unique experience. It involves the “laying on of stones” which is an ancient art that has been traced back to the lost civilization of Atlantis, and this “energy medicine” has been used for centuries throughout different cultures, religions and empires. Gems and crystals have been used throughout the ages for medicinal purposes and as amplifiers for spiritual energies. They can also be used to help natural healers to extend and enhance their natural healing energy and all this is because of their unique affinity to the human body’s etheric body.

Different crystals have different healing properties and when used appropriately can help with healing particular complaints or disorders, whether on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

The ability of crystals to focus energy means that they can be used for specific tasks, such as directing healing energy to a point on the body, the etheric body or the bio-energy field. Disease and imbalance in the subtle body can be gently encouraged to dissolve in order to restore balance, therefore encompassing a wide variety of conditions that will respond to crystal healing treatments.

It is believed that crystals influence the subtle body – the energy that carries our life force (known as Prana or Chi in the East), and it is this life force that is particularly focused at energy centres called chakras. When crystals are placed on these chakras, they can help to restore the balance of that particular energy centre and help to restore better health and well-being.

The earliest records of crystal healing come from ancient Egypt. References to these practices can be found in the Ebers papyrus which refers to the medicinal uses of many different gems and crystals. Healing with crystals is also part of the Indian Ayurvedic medicine traditions, and it is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. These traditions are over five thousand years old.

How Do Crystals Work?

Quartz crystals contain silica and water, similar to that of the human body. The skin contains keratin, which is found around the energy field, and when keratin cells divide, they give off piezoelectric energy. The smallest amount of crystal energy gives off luminescence, acoustics, infra-red and magnetism (piezoelectric).

Piezoelectric -When a crystal is placed on the body and within the energy field there is a piezoelectric response due to the cell division. This response activates the crystal and there is an interaction between the electric energy of the crystal and the electric energy of the skin. Negative ions are produced which act on the electrochemical and physicochemical side of the human body in order to stimulate healing. This ionic balance helps with the interchange of minerals in the body.

If a chakra is imbalanced, it won’t take in the minerals that it needs, and therefore it is unable to heal. Balancing the chakras with crystal energies will ensure that they are able to absorb the minerals needed to return to a state of health and vitality. Crystals contain the minerals and vibrations, to be absorbed by the body, which aid in this healing process.

It is very often the case that when you are unbalanced in one area or another you are drawn to a particular crystal. Crystals are unified vibrational centres and they resonate with each individual in extraordinary ways. Every crystal or stone has different properties, unique energies and vibrations, which are shared with the receiver for the purpose of healing and for the elevation of consciousness.

Crystal Healing addresses all levels of our being. With crystal layouts the aura can be cleansed; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages can be removed or balanced; traumas can be released; and an opportunity to embrace spirituality is created. Crystals are believed to act as amplifiers of spiritual energy and can be used to help natural healers to extend and enhance their natural healing energy and ability.

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