How Crystal Energies Are Being Used to Heal People and Why

When modern-day medicine doesn't seem to cut it, people seem to be turning their attention towards the magical powers of healing crystals. Healing with crystals has been practiced for decades, possibly even centuries, and comes from many different cultures and religions. The reason for its rapidly growing popularity now, especially in Western countries, is New Age followers. The New Age is an occult spiritual movement involving alternative and holistic medical practices to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Read on to learn more about who uses these crystals, how they get used, and some examples with brief descriptions of their metaphysical properties.

What are healing crystals, exactly?

Healing crystals are crystals, stones, and gemstones, each with their own assigned metaphysical properties and energies that aid people with the healing and development of the soul and spirit. There are many different kinds of these semiprecious stones, such as quartz, agate, and opal, to name a few. Major themes seen in the crystals' healing abilities include protection, love, intuition, guidance, and calmness. There are plenty of other positive attributes as well, and you can quickly look up the meanings and properties on several different sites.[1].

Who uses healing crystals?

The origins of crystal healing remain a vast mystery, but what is known is that it has ties to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, India, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome.[2]. This alternative medical technique has a very diverse following. More currently, it has strong ties with British Paganism, Hinduism and Indian Vedic culture, and Native American rituals and practices, to name a few. The New Age, however, is currently responsible for the rise of healing crystal usage. The New Age has several different religious/spiritual influences, such as Christianity, Atheism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

How are crystals used to heal?

There is a range of different methods for using crystals to heal. Every group has its personalized practices and rituals that go accordingly with their system of beliefs. One way of use is to place them nearby or around in a particular pattern while the user performs yoga or meditation. The individual using them could also hold them in their palms during their spiritual activity. Other ways that healing crystals commonly get used are wearing them as jewelry, carrying them around in a small pouch or pocket, or placing them around the home. Some holistic medical professionals use the crystals during Reiki healing sessions. The intentions of using these crystals usually include, but aren't limited to, mindfulness, manifestation, grounding, chakra balancing, seeking spiritual guidance, and emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

Listed below are examples of healing crystals with brief descriptions of what type of metaphysical properties they possess:

Amethyst - Amethyst is known to have a soothing energy that helps diminish any negative thoughts the user may possess. It's a crystal of protection, healing, and purifying. Amethyst brings sincerity and humility to its users, enhances intuition and psychic abilities, and deep spiritual wisdom. Sobriety is also another one of the gifts it has to offer for those who need it.

Rose Quartz - The stone of universal love, rose quartz, helps bring forgiveness, acceptance, friendship, and self-love to those who use it. It opens up the heart and purifies it by restoring trust and bringing harmony to relationships. Its energy of unconditional love does deep inner healing and will leave its users feeling at peace.

Lapis Lazuli - Universally the symbol of wisdom and truth, lapis lazuli is also known for its symbolism surrounding the themes of honor and royalty, the power of the gods, and spiritual vision. It releases stress from those who use it and gives a deep sense of calmness while also protecting against any evil psychic attacks. Its connection to cosmic wisdom is strong and provides harmony to the soul and inner self-knowledge.

Dragonstone - Dragonstone promotes personal power, courage, strength, patience, and creativity. Epidote mineral makes up the green part of its color, while the red comes from piemontite. Dragonstone assists in the dissolving of any feelings of sadness, self-pity, or grief. It's also known to help balance all the chakras and encourages the awakening of Kundalini energy to its users.

Jet - Protection, grounding, and purification are all themes for jet. It provides spiritual protection while it clears its users' aura of any negative emotional attachments and helps heal any damage caused by traumatic injury or situations. Jet will mend any energy leaks in the aura as it clears bad vibes and neutralizes negative energy. This stone is also known to interact with the elements intensely and aids in the activation of magic.

Now you are aware of what healing crystals are and the power that they are believed to hold. It's always an adventure learning about alternative medicine. Feel free to go out and explore it!

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