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What is Dermaplaning?

Derma razor or dermaplaning is skin rejuvenation at its finest, this 21st century treatment is better known as a luxury shave and will remove all dead skin from the face, body and cleans the surface of the skin through exfoliation that tightens and firms the skin. Also will remove any unwanted light facial hair known as vellus hair.

Superficial exfoliation facials remove skin through a portion of the epidermal layer. These are the "refreshing" forms of ‘lunch time facials’.

To cut it short and sweet it is a luxury facial shaving device that removes dead skin and is a painless procedure.

This can be done firstly through a basic facial routine of cleansing the skin before applying extras such as steaming devices to soften the skin before application of razor. The Razor is held at a 45 degree angle and gently moved in swift strokes to remove dead cells, hairs plus more.

What are the effects and benefits of dermaplaning?

The downtime is minimum however your skin will be extremely sensitive so a high sun factor is required for a minimum of 24hours to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation. This will remove a minimum of 21 days of dead skin so be sure to book your clients in monthly for this luxury facial treatment. Can be used alongside microdermabrasion for outstanding results.

These advanced Facial treatments help to improve and restore circulation to facial skin layers, increasing the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to skin cells.

This rush of blood to the skin gives your skin a healthy glow and plumps skin cells with vital nutrients and water, which reduce the appearance of wrinkled and dry skin.

Nutrients like blood, vitamins and minerals found in the blood, along with adequate hydration, help develop and maintain new skin cells, essential for a youthful, healthy appearance.

Your customer’s skin will immediately look more radiant with a more even skin tone and texture. All of your small hairs will be gone, which is why first-timers say their skin has never felt so soft before.

Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.

What skin types are ideal for dermaplaning?

It is recommended for all skin types except those with acne skin. If you have deep cystic acne, wait until breakouts are clear before trying this treatment. As always, also discuss any allergies or skin sensitivities before starting a treatment with the client and require a doctor’s note if you are unsure of any treatment indications.

Is dermaplaning safe for pregnant or nursing women?

Dermaplaning is a great treatment if you are pregnant or nursing and want exfoliation without the risk of harsh chemicals absorbing into the bloodstream and potentially harming your baby.

Dermaplaning is fantastic as a pre-treatment before offering such things as collagen induction therapy or forms of peels as this will exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells ready for that fresh layer to be treated.


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