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what is evo freeze?


EVO FREEZE is non-invasive fat reduction treatment. It freezes fat cells at their core and over time these cells die and are released via your lymphatic system.


EVO FREEZE works best on stubborn pockets of fat which are difficult to reduce with diet and exercise.


EVO FREEZE is its own brand of cryolipolysis (fat freezing). All therapists have been trained to the highest standards and have the latest, most effective machines.


EVO FREEZE started when fat freezing was largely unknown to the public and aesthetic industry. We have collated the wealth of knowledge learned over the years and pass it onto our experienced EVO FREEZE therapists. 

how does evo freeze work?

EVO FREEZE freezes the targeted unwanted fat cells at their core with minus temperatures. The fat cells freeze at the time of treatment then go through a process known as apoptosis (programmed cell death).


Once the fat cell has been damaged by freezing temperatures, there is no way to reverse this process. The apoptotic process happens over a series of weeks, peaking at week 12. 

We have developed an aftercare product that aids the process of breaking down the frozen fat cells, hence speeding up the desirable result. 


who is the ideal client?

Clients that have stubborn areas of fat that they find difficult to shift with diet and exercise alone.


This may be in different areas for different client. For example, a mother after pregnancy may experience unwanted fat pockets around their lower belly.


EVO FREEZE is not to be used as a weight-loss tool, it is a targeted fat reduction tool. EVO FREEZE can be used by both men and women over the age of 18.

what is the aftercare advice?

We have developed an aftercare product that aids the process of breaking down the frozen fat cells, hence speeding up the desirable result that clients are seeking. The aftercare recommended to all clients are

- Drink plenty of water 

- Massage the areas twice a day, or use EVO CONTOUR

- Eat well. A diet is not required but healthy living is advised.


how much is a treatment?

The cost of EVO FREEZE starts at £150 per area. The more areas you have, the cheaper it is per area.

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what are the results?

You can expect to see a good result within 4-6 weeks, especially if aftercare advice has been followed religiously. However, the dead fat cells are still being released from your body until the 3 month mark. Keeping up with aftercare will speed up the process. This picture below is 1 treatment, 6 weeks after.


want to become an evo freeze therapist?

Why train in EVO FREEZE?

- Our machines are tried and tested

- Our fat freezing pads are of the highest quality to prevent frostbite

- Machine is suitable for mobile and salon based technicians

- Known brand of fat freezing

- We pass clients to you in your area

- Be part of our U.K. team of EVO freeze technicians

What is involved in the training?

Once you purchase, your course will be immediately available for you. It consists of a comprehensive manual, video step by step tutorial and assessment.


What is included in the price?

- Theory training

- Online step by step video

What prerequisites do you need?

Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology. If you do not have this, we offer this free of charge when purchasing the EVO FREEZE course.


How much can you earn?

Our prices for treatment start from £150 for 1 area.

The average client has 4 areas treated which are £300.

Pads for 4 areas would cost you around £10. Leaving you with £290 profit for a couple of hours work.


How can I enrol?

You can enroll here: https://www.evo-academy.co.uk/product-page/online-evo-freeze-course